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Feb 6, 2013 7:30am EST
is that within the education budget we have prioritized the per pupil funding so that has been a reduction in per pupil funding because i think it's very important schools can see forward to future years, the source -- a source of budget they will have. the second thing we've done is obviously for the academy program is to encourage the devolution of more of the schools budget to the schools directly and i still think there's more that we can achieve on that agenda. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister said he would give the public a strong voice in the nhs. his former health secretary said he would have since of the nhs. why then -- [inaudible] rejected by the government last night? >> we do want to see patients have a stronger voice in the nhs and we are about to debate i think at some length some terms of the staff how that is done. i think one of the most important ways is going to be making sure that the mandates of the nhs commission board has at its heart quality nursing, or day care, and the voice of patients. we also need to look at how health watch is going to work to make sure it is tru
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
their earnings because of their education levels. um, and so they're not likely to be able to contribute enough in taxes to cover what they would be using in the way of social services. um, and we don't have -- we're thinking, you know, tens of billions of dollars a year additional, um, if we were to legalize the entire population, um, as has been proposed. >> thank you. yield back. >> thank you. ms. vaughn, i was reading your testimony, and it says that i.c.e., mr. crane's agency, had arrested 27,600 gang members in the past eight years? does that sound about right to you, mr. crane? >> that might be what they have stats on, but i would say that it's probably far higher than that. we have all kinds of folks that we encounter in jails and prisons, and they don't make any bones about gang -- >> so we have 11.5 million immigrants and more than 27,000 of them have been arrested for being gang members? >> yeah. not all of them are illegal immigrants. some of them are people that we've given green cards too, but they're still removable. some of them have temporary protected status, for example. >> o
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am EST
. i'm elected mayor in mali. now, i'm a u.s. educated, but i've returned back home. the question i would like to ask is directed to ricardo, even though it is based on peter's introduction, that mali was a failed state, that the issue in mali was a leadership issue, not an ethnic or religious issues. but primarily a leadership issue. and i thank you for truly addressing that. now, you talk about leadership in mali. why should we organize elections? because democracy is a value. that should be enforced everywhere, even in mali. there is an emerging class of leaders, but they are unheard. they are suppressed by bad leadership. leadership should be organized because you would have mali and identified -- after to the question, what should we do next? before the election. is hold a national conference as we did in 1991. to bring malians from all force and craft and dedicate integration plan into mali as it has been done before. but on wrong premises. so it is time that we address this in a global point of view instead of just pointing out to arabs, because it is impractical to have that
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
? are we talking about funding the education systems, the health systems, public services and so on? every percentage of austerity leads to a loss in growth. austerity and wage restraint are poisonous. they're toxic. now, here we've been talking about the budgetary discipline on the parts of the member state, but there are billions of euros in deficits in future e.u. budgets. so we need to look at cohesion policy, for example, against that backdrop. you said you going to stand up for cohesion policy, but please, be consistent. stop macroeconomic conditionality being introduced. because here we are just going to see a further anchoring of the differences between the center and the periphery. and here don't make any compromises. don't go in for any compromises on friday that to not take account of the concerns about this. the e.u. will flounder if these programs are being abolished. if we talk about youth unemployment, well, a lot has been said on that subject today. but how the youth guarantee going to be funded? we're talking about what places for young people, employment for young people,
Feb 1, 2013 6:00am EST
're focused on educating physicians in a way that will allow them to participate in this future that's more team-based and quite different than the medicine of the past. and, third, thinking about physician sustainability of practice so physicians can do what they love to do, and that is take care of patients. lastly, um, let me say that as a recovering dean and hospital systems ceo and now ceo of the ama that i've learned to always try to jump in and adjudicate early conflicts before they blow up. and so with grace, len and tom in mind, i'd like to say that in our view there is nothing more elegant and high row than primary care. [laughter] >> thank you. [applause] >> in a few moments, a discussion on how president obama may approach foreign policy and national security in his second term. and in a little less than an hour and a half, a cato institute forum on the state of libertarianism. >> several live events to tell you about today. the georgetown university law center hosts a forum with campaign staff members and representatives of interest groups who will focus on how lessons of last
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am EST
early retirement, and we have now reformed the benefit system. we are trying to reform the education system. we have been on a big frenzy. there then come i feel that this is important. we have tried to bring balance into our budget. at the same time, having a focus on the groups in our society who are most vulnerable. what does that mean? that means that every year we have made sure that the most horrible citizen and something got out of the budget. so we have tried to preserve the quality, which is always a part of the european values as such. the three things, tight budget control, and also being focused on preserving what we feel is so important for our equality. this is part of what we need to do at the european level. we have so much to offer. we have so much. this is key for europe and the individual countries in europe that is a very powerful statement. just to clarify, do you think he would be better off being able to do even more than that eurozone club? or do you think you're better outside? >> i have always been in favor of denmark joining the euro, and i still am. the in
Feb 6, 2013 2:00am EST
. the education of poor people in the inner-city does not take away from others, it expands our economy and makes us all do better. this is the ideal of our country. as the rabbi would tell me, the jewish saying, that jews together are strong, but jews with other people are invincible. he african saying that spiderwebs united can tie up a line. the very principle of this country, one of my advisers told me one of the fundamental principles of islam. the oneness of the community. we recognize dependency and see strength. that became the problem solving idea that i took on. i began looking at what other cities around america were doing. i came over to mayor bloomberg, who i called the obi-wan kenobi of mayors. all of us young padawans come to see what is going on over here. i could not wait to talk about climate change. the time is now. we just focus on cities where the carbon output is significant. if we do pragmatic things, we are going to make change. he started showing me programs he had that created jobs, including the health of cities like mine that has exit -- epidemic asthma rates. i went t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7